Rubio’s Healthy Food by the Bay

Rubio’s offers a nice selection of Mexican food options.  The orginal Rubio’s location is near the Beach Hut Bed and Breakfast for a nice lunch or dinner with very healthy options.

The Following is from the Rubios website that talks about their social responsibility and how they use sustainable seafood for their amazing fish tacos and salads.

To us, being a socially responsible company is not just a statement; it’s a way of being. It is about having fun and supporting causes that are important to our guests with special emphasis on being a friend to the ocean. This includes everything from recycling in our restaurants to using eco-friendly packaging and supporting local charities.

We strive to offer seafood that is certified sustainable or from responsibly managed fisheries that maintain healthy populations and ecosystems. Currently, a majority of our seafood meets this goal.

From recycling to eco-friendly packaging, we strive to achieve a greener tomorrow. Since much of our menu includes seafood, we are especially passionate about initiatives that help to preserve healthy oceans.