Shopping in Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach Bed and Breakfast
Shopping in PBMileage Clubwear and Music
951 Garnet Avenue
San Diego Ca. 92109
Phone: 858-581-1285
858-581-1085 Fax
858-581-6812 HotlineWhere else can you find awesome clothing for men and women along with LIVE dj’s playing great club music.Mileage Clubwear is one of the best places to shop for clothing and accessories and everyone who
“mentions they saw their webpage on Pacific Beach” gets a 15% discount on their purchase.This place has some very cool owners who have always been nice to us and our website and they are the main place to buy tickets to the hottest club events in San Diego. They also have a section of the store with just club events and a great music selection for those who like to mix music or dj and need good house music albums.Click here to Visit the Mileage Clubwear webpage for photos and a map

Melrose Pacific Beach is another clothing boutique in Pacific Beach which has some great clothing for both men and women. If it is a “Pimp Daddy” outfit for a club party, or a classy outfit for going out, this place has a ton of selection.Ladies will love the great brands including Playboy and Pamela Anderson along with over 50,000 pieces of quality jewelry for piercings which are done on site. This place is super hip and well worth a visit when in PB.Melrose is well named and gives you the treue feeling of Pacific Beach is that of a “2nd Melrose”, -except the boutiques in Pacific Beach are right by the ocean.Mention Pacific beach and save $5.00 on any piercing.

Melrose Pacific Beach
933 Garnet Avenue
San Diego Ca. 92109
Store Opens at 12:00 Noon to 8PM Mon-Fri Open from Noon to 7PM on Sundays.

Click Here to Visit the Melrose Pacific Beach webpage
with photos, map and more store information

Raw Clothing is another very cool clothing store on Garnet Avenue. Located right in the heart of the clothing district, this place has a good selection of clothing and accessories for both men and women.Check out Raw Clothing for great casualwear or clubwear or an extra pair of dress shoes or sandals.RAW CLOTHING
940 Garnet Avenue
San Diego, Ca. 92109
Phone: 858-483-9111Click Here to Visit the Raw Clothing webpage with photos, map and more store information

Welcome to The Cream of The Crop clothing boutique for women. Cream of the Crop is the biggest resale clothing store in the beach arteas with the store taking up over 5,000 square feet.There are racks of jeans, shoes, dresses, bouses, …pretty much you name it and you will find it here.This place is on Cass Street just two blocks north of Garnet Avenue.Mention Pacific Beach before ringing up your order and save an extra 10%!

The Cream of The Crop Ladies Apparel & Boutique
4683 Cass Street
Pacific Beach, Ca. 92109
Phone: 858-272-6601

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with map, directions, photos and more store information