Downtown San Diego just a few Minutes Away from Beach Hut BB

When you are visiting San Diego and staying at the Beach Hut Bed and Breakfast on Riviera Drive in the Mission Park area, you are some not far from night night life of Downtown San Diego.  If you decide you want to go dancing and go out for some amazing dinner, just go south from the Inn to the 5 freeway and make your way to 5th Avenue Downtown San Diego.

Once there you can find a place to park on the street or on many different parking lots in the area.  It is best to get downtown in the late afternoon, because the cost of the parking lots goes up in price after 6pm on the weekends.

There are many different types of restaurants on 5th avenue between the 900 block and 200 block of 5th avenue, including several dance clubs.  Once you park you can walk up and down the street and have a great time what ever you choose to do.   Check out the following link:  The Gaslamp Restaurants (Downtown San Diego)