Whale Watching Adventure from Mission Bay Park

Sailboats in Mission Bay Park

San Diego Whale Watch is the only year-round whale watching operation in San Diego. The tour boat, the Privateer, was built specially for Whale Watching and is docked right here in Mission Bay Park at Quivera Basin and is just a short 5 minute drive from the Beach Hut B & B. This week, the Privateer was featured on the area news after being surrounded by a pod of whales – a thrilling sight for sure.

Chris, one of the staff members, told me that over 100 whales have been sighted this week alone. From May
though November, the great Blue Whales and mighty Fin Whales are migrating through the area and from December through April, the Pacific Gray Whales make their annual migration from Alaska to Mexico. Minke, Humpback and Sperm Whales are also possible sighings. Playful Dolphins are also encountered on most trips with some pods
numbering into the thousands. SD Whale Watch offers a Two-for-One special on Tuesdays and on every trip a guarantee of a whale sighting or a free return trip to try again.

We enjoyed a Sunset Trip complete with Whales, Sea Lions and Dolphins and the extra bonus of seeing the Green Flash at Sunset – absolutely a fabulous time.  Check them out at SanDiegoWhaleWatch.com.