Attention to Detail at Beach Hut Bed and Breakfast

The guests who stay at the Beach Hut Bed and Breakfast are amazed at the details that are thought of to make the stay a really great one.  Here are some of the things you will find and love once you are there.

1. The electric candles have a remote control, so if it is time to turn on the candles or your are in bed and you want the candles off you just click the special remote control and they are off.

2. Beautiful Hotel quality white towels, and one little black one for make-up.  What a great idea to not get black mascara on the white towels.

3. A great variety of teas, coffee and hot chocolate, makes you want to stay for a few days.

4. The stocked up fridge with all of your breakfast favorites, since it is a bed and breakfast.  You will find something to toast and cream cheese or butter and various jams to add to what you toast.  Boiled eggs and even some liquid eggs you can cook in the microwave for scrambled eggs.

5. Fresh fruit of a large variety, and even some bottled water to enjoy.

6. The owners of this fine bed and breakfast have also taken the time to put together a large binder on all of the local restaurants with maps and menus.  This makes the experience so nice.

7. Since the bay is walking distance from the B&B, they also offer chairs and umbrellas to take to sit by the water.

What a great place to stay and relax and because of all of the details it feels like you have everything like home.

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